Copyright Protection and Policy

All contents that are provided by Weather Radar Center such as Web documents, attached files, DB information, etc. are protected by copyright law, and WRC owns all rights related to them except in cases in which there are separate copyrights or clear stateme- nts of the source. Therefore, any parts of contents that are provided by WRC cannot be copied or distributed and this is applied to the violation of property rights defined by Article 97 Act 5 of the Copyright Law.

Legal Procedure of Provided Contents

There must be a prior agreement with KMA if you wish to make profits or benefits corresponding to it
through contents provided by Weather Radar Center. And although the contents appear with a prior
agreement, the source of the contents which are from the Weather Radar Center must be specified.
Even if the contents that are provided by WRC appear on another Internet site with proper and legal
procedures, contents cannot be modified except for simple error correction, otherwise you may receive
a criminal penalty for it.
Furthermore, "simple links" and "direct links" between the WRC Web page and other Internet sites are allowed, but "frame links" or "embedded links" are considered a violation of copyright.