Fast and Accurate weather service

  • Monitoring of Severe Weather and Reinforcement of Predictions

    • High-Tech Radar Lightning Detection

      • Non-stop radar operation
      • Built up the central control system
      • Improved the correclation with ground precipitaion
      • Improved the observation period (10~5 minutes)
      • Training for radar experts
      • Organization and operation of the lightning detection network
    • Advanced Quality Control for Radar Data

      • Shortened data processing time
      • Improved the algorithm development for quality control
    • Development of Usage Skills and Service Improvements

      • Providing various customer-oriented services
      • Verification and prompt service of short-term forecast data
      • Reflux of the verification results of the short-term precipitation model
      • Verification of the shortterm precipitation model using radar data
      • Technical development of lightning detection data and its extention
    • Building the Infrastructure for Co-operation of Radar Data

      • Building up and operating the co-operation system for radar data
      • Data sharing and its standardization among KMA and the related organizations