Weather Radar Center consists of Radar Planning Team, Radar Operation Division
and Radar Analysis Division.

Radar Planning Team
Radar Operation Division
Radar Analysis Division

01 Planning and Management

  • Establishes policies and basic plans for weather radar observations
  • Jointly use weather radar data of related agencies
  • Establishes an integrated system for
    national weather radar operations
  • Conducts localization and standardization of weather radar parts
  • Manages collaborative administration for national weather radar operations

02 Administrative & Operational

  • Budget planning, execution and settlement
  • Security, document management and HR
  • Provides training for weather radar
    specialists and technical support

03 Facility management

  • Provides security guards management
  • Oversees facility & public relations
  • Manages offices, official residence &
    vehicles and national property
  • Manages Radar Testbed

01 Establishes and operates a
weather radar observation network

  • Establishes, operates and improves a
    weather radar observation network
  • Improves the accuracy and performance of weather radar observations
  • Develops and standardizes operation
    technologies for a weather radar
    observation network
  • Provides training and support for weather radar specialists

02 Development of technologies for standardization & localization of
weather radar

  • Establishes standards for weather radar
    observations; improves related systems
  • Develops technologies for localization
    and operation of weather radar parts
  • Develops scanning strategies and
    standardization technologies for weather radars
  • Conducts domestic & international
    cooperation in technology for weather
    radar observations and operations

03 Lightning detection network

  • Establishes and coordinates basic plans
    for lightning detections
  • Organizes and comprehensively operates a lightning detection network
  • Establishes standards for lightning
    detections; improves related systems
  • Maintains and manages a lightning
    detection network

01 Data processing and quality

  • Collects and distributes radar data
  • Radar data quality control
  • Standardizes radar data
  • Produces information on radar data
    quality control for numerical weather
  • Conducts verification and assessment of
    radar data

02 Development of technologies for radar data utilization

  • Develops radar data processing and
    application technologies
  • Develops radar data analysis algorithms
  • Improves the accuracy of QPE and QPF
  • Develops education and training
    programmes for radar data users
  • Introduces cutting-edge technologies;
    conducts domestic & international
    technical cooperation

03 Development of technologies for lightning data utilization

  • Develops lightning data analysis and
  • Service of lightning data