Radar Observation Network

기상청, 국토해양부, 국방부에서는

There are 27 weather/rainfall radars in Korea (including one radar planned to be installed). These radars are operated for different
purposes by three different government agencies: the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) for weather monitoring and forecasting, the Ministry of Environment for water resource management and flood forecasting, and the Ministry of
National Defense (MND) for supporting weather services for military operations.

기상청,국토해양부,국방부 운영 설치 분포(기상청 11대,국토해양부 7대( 설치중 4대), 국방부 9대)
Baengnyeongdo Youngjongdo Mt. Gwanak Mt. Oseong Jindo Gosan Seongsan Mt. Gudeok Mt. Myeonbong Gangneung Mt. Gwangdeok